Dental Support Organizations are growing.

Some Stats

  • What is the current percentage of U.S. practices now affiliated with a DSO?
    • 18% to 22%
  • What will be the percentage of practices affiliated with DSOs in 2023?
    • 35% to 40% or more?
  • How many DSOs are there currently?
    • Over 900 platforms
  • Do all DSOs plan to keep growing?
    • 70% of DSOs are in the process of or planning to expand in at least one new state within the next 12 months
  • What percentage of dental school graduates in 2020 will work in a DSO-affiliated practice?
    • Approximately 50%
  • In a survey of dentists who recently sold their practice to a DSO, what percent are satisfied with their decision?
    • 84%
  • Does a DSO help a practice run more efficiently?
    • 60% of practices affiliated with a DSO see a spike in collections from year to year, where as only 40% of independent/private practices see an increase in collections.

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