Business Development News!

Congratulations to Dr. Kaaren Vargas! Dr. Vargas is the 2019 recipient of the American Academy of Pediatrics Evidence-Based Dentistry Service Award. This award is presented to pediatric dentists who have made a major contribution via service or publication to the dental profession and the specialty of pediatric dentistry. We are so proud of your amazing accomplishment and are honored to be able to continue to support you!

Dr. Kaaren Vargas affiliated with D4C Dental Brands in June 2019.

We are so proud of our very own Dr. Bob Calcote, who was recently awarded the highest honor at this year’s Southern Association of Orthodontics conference. Dr. Bob was the recipient of the Oren A. Oliver Distinguished Service Award. It is a privilege to support such distinguished talent; Dr. Bob carries out our mission of helping children achieve a lifetime of great oral health every day! Congratulations, Dr. Bob!!

Dr. Bob Calcote affiliated with D4C in October 2016.